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From: Swept Wing Paul
Remote Name:
Date: October 11, 2002


Must see movie: Portrait in Black - a suspense murder mystery with a love triangle starring Lana Turner, in color, 1960. Lana can't drive and gets chauffered in a 60 Imperial. Her hubby drives a beautiful 59 Dodge Custom Royal green 2dr HT. Lana's boyfriend doctor drives a black 59 Chrysler. The cops drive a 59 Dodge police car. Best part: at end of movie, boyfriend drives murdered husband down to Devil's Slide cliff over Pacific Ocean. Lana, driving for first time ever, must follow in 59 Dodge. "Just push these buttons, and step on these pedal, it's easy!" As she swerves all over the winding road, now it's raining (film noir), we arrive at cliff's edge. Oh no, that beautiful 59 Dodge is being pushed over the cliff! But wait! Rewind the tape! Play it in slow motion - what is that car that actually goes over the cliff, and looks like it had already been in a crash as it starts over the cliff! Boy, VCR slow motion is are great for helping reveal old movie tricks! Enjoy.


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