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Re: Air suspension

From: David J
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Date: October 15, 2002


Hot Rod Magazine did a story about some of the Power Tour cars that went to an airbag suspension about a year ago. The one Mopar car that switched (I believe it was a 62 New Yorker wagon) said everything had to be custom fitted as no one had any available kits for Mopar cars, cost was around $3000, and he was completely dissatisfied with the harsh riding characteristics and wish he had the $$$ to switch back to stock. I'd do some serious research with as many suspension shops as possible and see what they think, if they've since come up with a decent kit, etc. Not to scare you, I'd just hate for you to part with a lot of green and end up with a car you're displeased with. Good luck, keep us posted! -David


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