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Re: Yup - investment's the wrong reason.

From: Gavin
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Date: October 15, 2002


I too have a 4 door ('60 Belvedere) and yes 2 doors do still seem to be valued more highly. For various reasons, they do tend to look more streamlined and neater etc. But hey, after 40+ years pretty much ALL of the cars of the ForwardLook era shine out from the mediocre crowd of c**p on the roads today. Enjoy your car for being different. Different from every other car on the road around you and different from the crowd of 2 door cars at shows etc. Don't get me wrong I love the big V8 2 doors but doesn't it get a little samey when EVERYONE goes for them??? I think its nice to see more "everyday" vehicles from the past, the "family" cars, taxis etc. Incidentally one thing you can say for the four door car is that it is much more practical to use as a wedding car. People LOVE the fins but how many brides want to clamber out of the back seat of a 2 door ??!! Maybe you could do a few weddings and get your other half on side with the idea of the car paying for itself. Say 175 bucks for the first hour plus 75 for each additional hour. Three hours minimum booking... just a thought ! Good luck with your car... and forget about the investment angle :) Best regards, Gavin


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