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Re: Just bought a1957 Plymouth Belvedere but hiding it from the ...

From: Eric Robertson
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Date: October 15, 2002


A 4-door can be a very beautiful and popular car! I own a 1958 Savoy 4-door and i get more people around it at shows than some of the 1957 chevy's cause thier are not as many ply. around my area! I used the original seats but put a custom design on mine(50's style tuck and roll) Installed a 354 Hemi which bolted right up to the stock 2 speed tranny. And painted it red with a white top and I think it looks great. Yeah I too would love a 2 door but we have to work with what we have. The main thing you need to remember is that if the 4 door looks good to you, thats what matters, and you can make it look like what you think looks best and dont have to worry about messing up the resell value of a 2 door cause we know its not worth as much money, but they are ours and we love the look and the feel of these foward look cars.


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