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DRIVING the car is the right reason!

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: October 16, 2002


If you could buy a show condition letter series (1955-61) Chrysler 300 for its fair market value,it would be a 'good investment', BUT you can forget about a casual trip to the drive-in burger joint on Saturday night! Your 4-door should be thought of as an investment in driving pleasure. Fixing up this car will give you a good weekend cruiser that you can enjoy for 10-20 years or more,and at the end of that time it will be worth more than if you bought a $7-8K late model used car and kept it for that long. Heck, new vehicles nowadays can lose $7-8K of value in the first year or two (and you can't recoup any of that!). So if you put $8K into the '57, drive and enjoy it for 10 years and sell it for $4K, you paid $4K for that 10 years of fun and unlike the new car buyer in the previous example you get SOME of that $8K back at the end!


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