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Mr. Belvedere FOR SALE

From: Nathan Manning
Remote Name:
Date: October 17, 2002


Hey Fellow Forward-Lookers! I've recently purchased a 1959 Plymouth Belvedere 2-Door Post car. It has a nice-running 6 cylinder engine, good glass, good stainless, and a good dash. The front fenders could use replacement... and the floors and trunk need some work. I'm currently storing the car at a friend's house... but his wife says "No More Cars In The Yard!!!" Therefore, as much as I hate to, I'm gonna have to put the car up for sale. I'm asking $1500 for the car as-is. Yeah, I'll admit, I'd like to make a small return on my investment... but I think this would still be a good deal for someone who has the time and storage space. If you're interested in the car, please post a reply on here or send an e-mail to A little time and money invested would make this one a nice ForwardLook Cruisin' Machine.


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