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Re: Battery question

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: October 26, 2002


Actually, any 12V battery you can fit in will work. Batteries don't have amperes, they have something called ampere-hours, which is a term which relates to total energy capacity to be stored, and how much the battery can supply under specific conditions to a starter for cranking. Cold ampere-hours is the most advertised spec, as it tells you in a cold cranking conditon how nuch power delivery is available for the starter to turn over a cold and therefore higher friction engine. Most batteries these days produce between 450 and 650 cold ampere-hours (cranking capacity). A larger battery, however, will take more time to recharge than a smaller one for the same size generator or alternator. You should be quite safe, however, with a 40 ampere generator and a 650 Ampere-hour cold cranking capacity 12V.


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