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Poor retread of "Christine"...and he should have used a '59 LeSabre!

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: October 31, 2002


If a mild rework of "Christine" is all he can come up with, it might indeed be time for him to retire! That encounter with the minivan was unfortunate... Well,alumcan;the '53 Buick Special was the last with the old straight-eight,all the other (costlier) '53 Buicks got the new nailhead V8. Especially in 1953, the valves were small enough for anyone to see where the 'nailhead' name comes from! I have posts on the archive where I did agree that the '59 Buick would be the best non-Mopar "Christine". Anyone remember the "Dudes" movie poster from the late 1980's? Now THAT was the '59 Buick front end shown to a great effect! "Fury" was the BEST model name for Christine,but "LeSabre" would be good. (would her victims be "Invict-ims",ha ha ha?!) You would KNOW a '59 Buick was possessed if it could corner quickly with that Buick suspension, and if accelerated quickly with a DynaFlow! No,I don't forsee '53-54 Buick 'Buick 8' clones showing up at old car shows. Factual inaccuracies (just like in 'Christine') would make an 'exact-to-book' clone impossible anyway! I'd be surprised if anyone bothers with a movie version...


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