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Re: Someone had to one-up the '61 Fury barbeque for sheer stu...

From: alumcan
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Date: October 31, 2002


Well, I just stumbled onto 'this' ad and website,,,,,,I dunno,,,,How's thisin' up there in the 'food' chain? Ad; (word for word) '58 Chevy Biscayne. 4dr, customised into a restaurant salad bar, over $20K invested, prof restored, show quality, would make a super parts car or build a custom 4dr, convt, flors perfect & chrome is show. $6000/consider trade. Visit our web site: or telephone 864-862-4423................Gray Court, SC Well, lets see now. There was a (can't remember what year) DeSoto resturant booth (on E-bay), a '61 Plymouth grill(e) I saw a real casket on a trailer converted into a big BBQ Grille, on E-bay. Not one, but two '60 Chrysler resturant wall hangiemathingies. A DeSoto deck for check out. A '58 Chevy salad bar. What else do we need, other than food and a cook to get us a full fledged oddity vehicular eatery started????


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