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Maybe you'd like my '61 Ply. front clip on '60 Fury body idea

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: November 01, 2002


The '59 Dodge would be a good Christine,it's a scary front end (now if it had the EVIL headlight cant of the '59 Buicks it would be a SENSATIONAL Christine!) From 1983 to the present I've always thought the '58 Plymouth was just a bit too pretty and clean to be a truly evil-looking car. When I saw "Christine" at the drive-in in 1983 a few passer-bys thought my '61 Fury's front end would have been a much better front end for Christine! I agreed (and still do),but it should really have the 1960 shark fins as well. Myself and few others like the idea of a '60 Fury coupe with a '61 Ply. front clip (shark mouth AND shark fins),and not just as a candidate for a Christine.


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