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It is a rb ( I think)

From: Rich
Remote Name:
Date: November 04, 2002


Well I think I figured it out, with all of the help from you guys, the stroke came out to over 3.75 so I am guessing it is the rb. Plus after digging thru the file and looking at the "1959 Chrysler handbook" (actually was still in the glove when I bought the car)on page 35 shows the engine id as 'MR383' after looking again, the R stamping on the block looks like a P. So after putting all the info together it appears to be the rb. After all that I ended up lifting off the pad for the battery and saw the garage floor thru a 6-8" hole. Anybody out there have an inner fender for 59 Saratoga, 4dr. Thanks again for all the help. Rich.


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