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Re: 57 Dodge Coronet D-500 on collector car trader

From: Richard
Remote Name:
Date: November 06, 2002


I looked this car over last May at Spring Fling in Los Angeles and took pictures of it which I've posted on my web site. This person has been trying to sell this car for over a year and a half that I'm aware of, maybe longer. Over the two days it was at Spring Fling the price on the sign started at $11,000. and ended at $5000. by the end of the weekend. He had brought it to Fall Fling last year and again this year so obviously many people are passing this car up. In my opinion it's too much money for a car that needs everything plus. And rot could be lurking beneath trim and body etc. It's apparently not a true D-500. It has a D-500 motor with a different build date than the car that was "added" later. The ad on states that it's rust free but it's clearly been stored outdoors in a moist environment for many years so I'd have to wonder what's lurking beneath the skin. All the brightwork is very pitted with much patina so you'd be looking at finding new die cast and pot metal or spending a lot of money getting bad pieces re-done. The engine is not completely together so who know's what's missing. It's currently wearing incorrect wheels with no sign of the hub caps. Neat car but not for the faint of heart or wallet. You can see pics of it on my web site at: The traderonline ad is at:


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