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Dual Quad Operarion

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: November 08, 2002


Depends on how the linkage and the carbs are set up. On my Adventurer (1956), the carbs worked in parallel (eg: the primaries open together at the same rate, and the secondaies kicked in at the same primary opening, although the velocity valves could stage slightly different between the carbs based on airflow). On a 1957 Adventure, the carbs were "staged", meaning that one opened at a greater rate than the other initially, but the other caught up close to WOT to kick in the secondaries together. This requires that one carbs lever arm be a reater length than the other, and you have a "slider" slot to allow the staging to occur. This system was also used in the 426 with AFBs. I think this system is better, but requires a little more thought to adjust. I think the linkages sold by Summit and Powerplay (and others) allows both methods, providing you have two holes of different lever arm offset for throttle bolts in at least one carb, which you should check with the vendor before buying (eg: Edelbrock)


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