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Re: Can you put a hemi on a low cost diet?

From: Kenny J.
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Date: November 09, 2002


Considering how much it can cost to restore a Forward Look car and how thirsty some models are, just driving one can be a "babe magnet." Gold diggers can always smell a leaky wallet. :-) I once had a younger woman hit on me despite my mirror-shattering mug, fat body and obvious wedding band. I asked her why she would waste her time on a fat, ugly, middle age married man. She replied that anybody driving an old car with lots of chrome and fins must be fun to hang around with. Which translates into, "If you have money to burn on an old tank like that, I can probably get you to spend some on me." :-) Of course, when I was a single, muscular, trim twenty something guy, women my age would see me in my '59 and wonder why I wasn't driving a 5.0 'Stang or a Z-28. <sigh>


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