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Re: 1957 Dodge poly intake swaps? what else fits?

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: November 13, 2002
Time: 20:37:51


Colin...Any high-deck Dodge block hemi or poly intake will interchange. You can stick 1956 D-500 (or that VERY rare D500-1 2x4bbl) intake, the 1957 KD500/KD500-1, the 325 Poly KDS intakes from DeSoto S27 FIRESWEEP and Dodge Royals, and the 1958 Dodge L325/LD2 poly intakes. Also, the Dodge 315 truck through 1959 will fit. For aftermarket, both Weiand and Offenhauser made aluminum 2x4bbl, 3x2bbl and a few 4x2bbl intakes for the 315/325 Dodge engines.


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