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Re: Rear drums on 57

From: Kenny J.
Remote Name:
Date: November 17, 2002
Time: 01:21:02


I had to replace a rear drum with a NAPA replacement. There was no provision for rivets. I had the same concern you did. I simply finished the brake work, installed the drum over the hub (it fit quite snuggly), installed the wheel and did the brake adjustment. I do not know if the rivets are required for any particular reason, but three mechanics and a "brake specialist" said not to work about riveting the drum to the hub. If your lug bolts come off, you are going to lose your wheel and there will be problems whether or not your drum is riveted to the hub. I don't mean to sound like smart aleck with that last observation. I don't believe the drum being "free floating" adds additional strain to the lug bolts. I've driven four thousand miles since installing the rivet-less drum and have had no brake trouble, nor have my lug bolts worked loose on that, or any other wheel. I hope this helps. And if I'm wrong, I want to hear from somebody in the know! :-)


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