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Typical Sunday Drive

From: Chris
Email: n/a
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Date: November 17, 2002
Time: 15:10:15


Warmed to 60 degrees today in N. CO, so I decided I must take the wife for a drive in the 58 Savoy. Fired the Plymouth up, and off we went. 2 blocks from home, a nice fella drove by with the thumbs up sign, which I answered in kind. On the highway, a car full of teenagers pulled up alongside and all of em give me the thumbs up sign, which, of course, I answered in kind. When we arrived in town, we stopped at a stoplight and a older gentleman pulled up alongside and started asking me questions like "what year? Model?" etc Nice light turns green, I get the ol thumbs up sign, which was answered in kind. We pulled into Dairy Queen, got us some ice cream, and a nice younger fella walked up and asked us all sorts of nice questions...even made us an offer for the 58, which was, of course, politely refused. The point of this post is this: If I get this kind of attention now, when the car is only maybe 30% restored and still needs paint/interior, I wonder what kind of attention I will get when she's 100% complete??? Chris :-)


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