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Re: Fast food metaphors

From: Bob O.
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Date: November 23, 2002
Time: 01:35:32


Nicely put, Erik. You're right about the burger analogy. Let's face it, Chevies ARE the Macdonalds of the domestic auto builder world. It's a consistent if somewhat bland product. Fords are Burger King, and so barely distinguishable. And Chrysler Corporation have always been the Wendy's..... willing to take the risks of innovating, and also slightly offbeat and funky, and requiring a little individualism in their customers. But when someone starts to tell you what a great burger a Big Mac or a Whopper is, you know it's not worth the effort of trying to overcome that kind of a gulf of understanding. Just nod and smile and tell 'em to go Biggy Size it. And one final thing: just hope that all those Chewy and Ferd guys don't suddenly all want to get into Forward Look cars, 'cos then no one will be able to afford 'em. Be happy with a little isolation and separation from the teeming masses. Keep this a closely guarded secret!


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