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Re: Like a Rock (heads nor tails of any of that......)

From: erik aase
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Date: November 23, 2002
Time: 10:39:43


I'm hardly trying to start a controversy. The best truck that I ever owned was a chevy one ton 4x4. I'm also partial to 68 t-birds. In fact I like a wide range of vehicles depending on make,model and year. My point buried in the context of my rant(had a bad day) was different strokes for different folks. You should be passionate about what you work on and have pride of ownership. I respect that. The problem I have is when others attempt to impose their values and beliefs on you. I am a member of a visible minority(chrysler fan) in a sea of chevy and ford enthusiasts. That's why i like forward look cars, they are cool,rare and hot! Kind of makes me feel special!


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