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Worked for the Wife over the weekend!!!!!

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: November 25, 2002
Time: 12:32:04


Gee....I didn't know I was required 24/7! The wife loaned me out to one of her girlfriends, who is putting together a video store. I spent the weekend at a bankrupt business auction disconnecting the electrical power from some counters she bought and transporting them to the new store and wiring them in. Now I get to run the phone and the LAN system for her, so if I am not responding quickly, have faith. I try and help as I can, but this Thanksgiving week and weekend I will most likely not be able to be on the forum regularly, as I will be stringing wire and debugging the LAN and Point-of-Sale software! As to the 52 Hemi question. This engine CAN be used with modern bellhousings, but to do it you have to mill off the block extension and have someone good (Can, that means you) weld on a steel adaptor housing that has either the more modern Chrysler bolt pattern for A-727, or one for a Chevy or Ford. I would stick with the Chrysler bolt pattern. This is what several hotrod shops do to utilize these old 331s. Then you need to find either a 1954 331 4bbl manifold, or an early Fenton, Wieand or Offenhauser intake with water outlet, or convert the heads to remote T-stat. Hope this helps. By the way, NO early 50s Chrysler had a Dana locker in them. Not even limos. So that axle must be from something else.


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