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1958 Adventurer wheelcovers not the same as 1957!

From: Lee
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Date: December 01, 2002
Time: 11:54:56


the 1958 Desoto Adventurer used a 1957 stainless full cover with a 56 Chryler spinner center. the 57 series Adventurer wheelcovers were niether standard or optional equipment on the 1958 Adventurers, granted if you sere willing to pay for many dealers would have been glad to put a set on your firesweep series or your Dodge and even a Plymouth. as they could be purchased from the local Mopar parts vendor. I own one each 1957 Adventurer coupe and a Convertible and have extensive knowledge of the cars and thier available options is my website you will find lots of information there and I have more including original Parts books, accessories manuals, product release bulletins, service bulletins and parts information bulletins along with original dealer magazines like Desoto report, Desoto service selling and Desoto Report. if you need further information


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