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Re: What are these calendars?

From: Dick Woodside
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Date: December 03, 2002
Time: 12:51:02


The ForwardLook calendar that Dave Stragand produces for us on this list is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST calendar you can get anywhere, if you are into the ForwardLook cars. The pictures are great, but the detailed info about Chrysler historical events and trivia, and current automotive events, makes it the best. Also, it's worth getting two, so you can keep one calendar on the month coming up, to see the automotive events that you might plan to go to. (Now, keep this part secret, but when you look at the price of calendars at your local book store, for an ordinary calendar that shows the days and 12 monthly stock photos of cats or old bridges or bikini babes, you'll realize that the ForwardLook calendar gives so much more, but at a lower price, and is just one more good reason to get the best).


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