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are you sure its a 413?

From: ted von wyl
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Date: December 04, 2002
Time: 19:14:23


are you sure its a 413? that seems a little to new of a vehicle for a 413.but im not saying your wrong,chrysler did some strange things then,maybe just in motor homes they where still using them,but i know in passenger cars they quit using them by then.who knows maybe its not the original motor in that the way all 350s,361sand400s where b ( low deck blocks),also most 383s with the exception of a few very rare 383s where also b.all 413,426 wedge,426hemi,and 440swhere rb(raised deck block)the #s and info. on most b engines is on the slanted part of the block below the alternator.and the rb engines have a small pad in front of the intake on the right with all the #s and info. thanks ted


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