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Just Today.....and a Couple Months Ago

From: Kenny J.
Remote Name:
Date: December 05, 2002
Time: 03:33:09


This afternoon, I was waiting at a construction zone while in my '59 Plymouth. Across the interesection was a nice turquoise and white '57 Chevy two door. The owner was looking my car over. When our eyes met, he turned up his nose and looked away. Awhile back, I drove my '59 to a photo lab to pick up some prints. Some guy who was trying to look like a biker, but really wasn't a biker, was in the store. The counter person pointed at my wagon sitting out front and said to the wannabe biker, "There's a nice looking oldie." The wannabe whipped his head around, frowned at my car and replied, "If it ain't a Ford, it ain't a car!" Afterwards, I came up with a good comeback...I should have nodded to his dark haired girlfriend and proclaimed, "If she ain't a blonde, she ain't a woman!"


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