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Baby Hemi near Lincoln, NE?...

From: Dana
Remote Name:
Date: December 06, 2002
Time: 14:46:27


Looking for a Baby Hemi... well, at least that's what I always heard them refered to! The 291s, 331s etc, somewhere near me in Lincoln, NE. There's some on e-Bay, but as with most things I get my eye on, they're east or west coast, I can't ever track anything down in Po-dunk, NE. A lot of Chrysler's industrial hemis were used for irrigation pumps here in the mid-west, so I know they're out there!! I just can't find an affordable, close-by, rebuildable (don't ask for much do I?!) baby hemi for a project of mine. My 1953 M-37's 230 is froze/broken, and I've seen one with a little hemi under the hood!!! Sure would beat the 80 hp of the 230, huh?!!! Just a thought if someone could help me locate one, there's a kit out there to drop a V-8 into the M-37s. Thanks for any help!! Dana


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