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You ain't the only one

From: ForwardLook Frank
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Date: December 09, 2002
Time: 09:07:33


I agree. Case in point. Yesterday I went to a local car show. It was a small show with about 10 vendors. There was a guy selling jacuzzi's! When I walked by, he jumped right out in front of me and asked if I wanted to see their products. I told him I was at a car show to see CARS, not misc. crap that wasn't car related and to leave me alone. My biggest frustration is when I go to Chrysler Carlisle. This is probably the biggest East Coast show that we have. Last year I seen a crafts tent, a wood furniture tent, a candle tent and a few others with other misc. stuff. Each time the person that ran the tent seen someone walking by, they looked surprised by the number of scowls (not only by me but by several people)they received. I mean really, I come to car shows to hunt for parts, look at the cars, and enjoy the car related hobby. I always wonder if there's some old guy out there trying to make it to the show who has a large collection of good used and NOS parts to sell. He's probably in his final years and wants to sell it all to give it a good home. Is he being denied because someone wants to put up a candle stand and they registered first? In my opinion, there should be two catagories for vendors at swap vendors & crap vendors. The parts vendors will have a first come first serve list with a dealine. Once the deadline is met, if there are any vacancies left, the crap vendors can apply first come, first serve. Also crap vendors should be assigned to one specific area so that those of us who are irritated by there presence, won't have to go past them. Am I the only one who thinks this way? Let me know. Just my two cents worth. Chysler Carlisle tried to do something different last year with the "ladies" section which had arts and crafts, etc. put into one area. It's a shame the crap vendors weren't put there as well. The ladies would have probably liked to see what they had if they knew they weren't all the way across the show field. Also, I meant no harm to any FL ladies out there with the "ladies section" comment. That's what Carlisle did. I support any women who love the old car hobby. Take Care, Frank


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