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Re: Chevy Engine into a DeSoto? Yeah, do it!!!!!!

From: Adam Green
Remote Name:
Date: December 14, 2002
Time: 11:08:35


If you can get a good deal on the Chevy engine, go ahead and fit it. Why not? The car won't know the difference and I'll presume that you don't drive with the hood up. Personaly speaking, I think there's too much of this Mopar/Chevy/Ford crap going on in our hobby. Maybe living in England gives me a different perspective to all my buddies out there in the USA, probably because we don't have the raw material over here or the petty rivalries. I happen to like all old cars. If I had the money and space I would happily park a 59 Caddilac or a 60 Ford Sunliner in my garage too. I read the articles in magazines about car crushing for exemption on pollution and think that we/you/all of us should remember who the real enemy is. It's not the guy with the 57 Chevy, it's big brother! Blimey! Sorry for the rant but it feels better. Go ahead and flame me if you like, I don't care.


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