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an engine comparison

From: dave
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Date: December 14, 2002
Time: 13:36:18


One of the reasons I don't like chevy engines as opposed to mopars are the fact that they tend to have shorter connecting rods-being a mechanical engineer, I can tell you the Ideal connecting rod length is infinite. Mopar is known for putting the longest rods possible in their engines. Chryslers tend to have stronger bottom ends overall, just due to the way they are put together-you can easily run nitrous through any mopar 8 without worries. Very good for building. The heads in the average chevy have smaller bores-this restricts what you can do in terms of camshafts and intakes-does anyone relaly want to have the heads ported just so you can put in a new cam? Again, no such worries with chrysler. Chrysler also addresses the issues that you can have a more aggressive camshaft if you have larger lifter bores, which is another aspect they outdo chevy with. You need to remember-when it was just the big three, each was known for something different-ford was the cheapest car you could buy, chevy was a car for every person (hence the dozen or so branches) and mopar was engineering. That still holds true. You WILL get cheap power out of that engine your looking at it, and I should hope fairly dependable given that its new. I wouldn't care if I was shunned by both sides either, which is a point so many have brought up-do you care what anyone in your rear window has to think? Not me. However if you were to build the hemi, you would have dependable power that would last a very long time. The ideal configuration of ANY engine is that one (well-ignoring rotaries). It will make more power more dependably. It was also the first engine to make more power than it had eweight in pounds-which is the engineer's wet dream. All of this is why I say "Mopar or nocar" I'm young-I picked my favorite make based on nothing more than the better design-my parents drive toyotas-I have no bias. Also I have a 361 in my '61 Newport that has been built considerably for less than the price your looking at, and it does quite nicely-makes around the power that chevy engine you want does. And if you still don't want your hemi, I have a 440 I can sell you for $500. I'll even throw in the tranny. Good luck, dave


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