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Re: Engine Swap...too unethical? Lemmi know your honest opinions

From: ted von wyl
Remote Name:
Date: December 15, 2002
Time: 14:45:37


it appears to me that your going to ruin a perfectly good mopar with a pile of s#$% chevy small block no matter what anyone here says anyway .i put a 413 in my 57 belvedere and after it was all said and done it wasnt that hard.and my 413 is bone stock so its not a very good comparison,but the original 440 magnum in my 68 charger is,i had a little over 2000.00 in rebuilding it at the time and i gaurantee its a better motor than that 3400.00 boat anchor will ever should be able to get enough money out of your f.l. car to jump on the boring ass band wagon and buy one of those dime a dozen bitchin cameros to put that motor in and then every one would be happy.sorry to be so nasty about it but thats the way i feel about chevies.


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