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Re: Engine Swap...too unethical? Lemmi know your honest opinions

From: ForwardLook Frank
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Date: December 16, 2002
Time: 08:11:28


Hello. Well, since everyone has their 2 cents in, I might as well have mine put in too. First, you bought the car. It's yours to do whatever you want to with. You will have to ultimately decide and live with what you do to it. With that said, here's my opinion...... For the love of God don't put a chevy motor in it. Everybody and their brother puts one of those in everything. It's too "trendy" in my opinion. If you're building the car for show, I wouldn't open the hood with a 350 in it (unless it was a '58 Golden Commando motor, everyone will just pass you by. If you're building it for go, you could get more power out of a bone yard E-58 360 from a seventies Mopar cop car. I think Mopar Muscle built one up for under $2k with a $400 price for the motor included. If it were me, I would save up the extra dough and built up a 331 Hemi. The DeSoto motor would be for the purist but in all honesty the 331 (as Hank D said) has more parts availability and will be easier to maintain. It would look period correct and can run with the best of them. Besides, usually we have Mopars because we march to the beat of a different drum. We want to be different. Please don't make a beautiful DeSoto another 1-2-3 street rod. Good Luck on whatever you decide. Take Care, -Frank


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