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Re: Ebay-Is there anybody home!

From: Gavin
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Date: December 17, 2002
Time: 14:34:14


I don't think there ARE any actual "people" at ebay !!! isn't the whole thing automated like most big companies today ??? Although I did see a human ebay person on TV the other day talking about the scams some lowlife are operating by emailing people. Pretending the emails are from ebay asking for you to "confirm" your account is still active by sending them your password... whoaa there!!!! watch out for stuff like that in your email folks if you make the mistake of responding, it gives these types a way of hacking into your credit card via ebay. By the way the ebay "talking head" on the TV didn't mention that there isn't a way to email anyone at ebay about this or any other problem. At least not on ebay UK's website as of last week or two. Maybe they've fixed that by now... Best regards and Season's Greetings to all :)


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