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Re: It wasn't that bad

From: ted von wyl
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Date: December 17, 2002
Time: 15:28:06


thanks for you defense your absolutely right and there is nothing wrong with chevies its the owners i usually dislike who dont have an ounce of respect for a mopar or the person driving them,and proof of the lack of respect,is putting chevy motors in non chevy cars when ford and mopar built great motors of there own.and i dont buy in to the bull@#$! excuse that its cheaper or easier,because i have yet to see a street rod where time or money was an issue.what i dont understand is that all these guys who do customs and streetrods are always trying to be as different as possible in every aspect of building there car,then they jump on the big old brainwashed chevy band wagon and put a bland ordinary chevy small block in the very car they busted there @#$ to be different with.


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