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Honey I shrunk the Belvedere !

From: Bob O.
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Date: December 20, 2002
Time: 23:50:46


It all started in France. In 1954 the 3rd largest French auto maker Simca bought up Ford of France. Ford were building several lines of cars, and in the larger models they offered an optional 2.4 liter (143 ci) V8. (This was a modified 79 BHP version of the 1930's 2.2 liter (136 ci) English Ford sidevalve engine called the Pilot V8). The Pilot engine was then built in the States (again in the 1930's) and called the V8-60 (60 BHP). Anyway, back to France: From 1955 Simca started to produce this restyled line of cars, but they were in financial trouble having overstretched themselves. In 1958 Chrysler bought a large interest in Simca (which eventually became a controlling interest and called Chrysler France), and continued their line of cars, including the V8 option, with new styling, including FINS! Thousands of these cars were apparently imported over here (although I've never seen one that I'm aware) and were sold through Mopar outlets. Basically they were discontinued in 1961, and so by pure coincidence they almost exactly matched the Forward Look years. Here are some pictures of finned Simca models The top-of-the-line 1958 Vedette Presidence with cool wheels, a continental kit and Imperial ambitions: presidence 1958 pub.jpg The 1959 Simca Vedette Beaulieu: And the Simca Vedette Chambord: pic 1960 2.jpg brochure 1959.jpg By the way, this is the site I got most information from:


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