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Has anyone done front (AAJ) brakes AND a rear brake retrofit??

From: Lou
Remote Name:
Date: December 28, 2002
Time: 12:08:35


Hi, I want to add the AAJ front discs to my '59 Dodge, and was thinking of upgrading the rear brakes to later model drums with SELF ADJUSTERS. My friend has a shop and can surely make something work (he has added 4 wheel discs to his '62 Newport). Anyway, I'd like t know if anyone has done such an upgrade, because the glitch that we have discussed is the plumbing and the master cylinder capacity. He said he had a problem with the front discs and newer rear drums in that he could not get enough brake fluid to flow to the rears without upgrading to a much later model master cylinder. apparently, an adjustable valve was not the answer because pedal feel was all wrong. I was hoping to use an older master cylinder (although I kinda like the idea of a dual resevoir system for safety). So, bottom line: if anyone has done a brake upgrade to a forward look car with AAJ front discs, and self adjusting rear drums, can you provide me with a list of parts to use for the read brakes and for the master cyl/brake booster? If I do the AAJ setup alone, do they provide everything you need (including plumbing/master cylinder upgrade)? What extra parts do I need to buy? I may also route the parking brake cable to the new rear drums and abandon the driveshaft-mounted parking brake, so any tips there would be appreciated. Regards, Lou


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