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Re: Carb swap questions

From: Al Wilson
Remote Name:
Date: January 03, 2003
Time: 10:52:10


When I did this on my '60 Plymouth, I used a 600 CFM Holley with vacuum secondaries and manual choke. Holley makes a part called a Chrysler throttle extension (Jeg's PN 51020-7) which I had to add to the Holley. I used the ball stud from the old two bbl carb and the existing linkage fit perfectly. I also used the throttle return spring bracket from the old manifold. I had to change the fuel inlet fitting on the Holley to a banjo style to get it to point in the right direction and not interfere with the air cleaner (Jegs PN 51026-25). If you get this Holley, you may want to get the secondary spring kit. I found the standard secondary spring way too stff. I put a softer spring in allowing the secondaries to open sooner.


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