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Reproduction Parts and "Shooting the Messenger"

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: January 08, 2003
Time: 07:31:40


Lee....I agree with Kenny here that some people out there are griping about the costs, NOT the fact something is now available. I suggest ignoring them, as there are more of us interested in getting a decent part then worrying if there a five venders out there and "I may not have bought from the cheapest!" I know I have spent sometimes more money restoring a part that was "iffy" than I would have in time and labor to by a good repro. And by the way, the guy I was working with on the 55/56 Chrysler/DeSoto sill plates has also abandoned them at the moment as being non-commercial! As for other rproduction parts, did that guy with the DeSoto steering wheel ever contact you? He had a good one from what I could tell, and also needed another for a '55 he was doing. I, of course, still need one for my '56 Adventurer.


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