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Engine ID P31-312231

From: Loren
Remote Name:
Date: January 08, 2003
Time: 23:33:30


Hi gang, I've been snooping this cool site and I THINK, based on the info from the archives, that this is a 301 but I'd appreciate confirmation?? It's sitting in a (57??) dodge pu but I don't know if it was transplanted there. Had a 4bbl manifold on it but he sold that (too bad.) I ask because I'm starting the resto on my wife's 56 Belvie. My machinist discovered that the original 277 block is cracked so I've got to come up w/ something else. I was HOPING to find a 318 (parts are cheaper I believe) but hey, not a lot of forward look stuff out there any more as I'm sure you all know. Anyway, any specific or general info or advice on this engine would be appreciated! Thanks, Loren


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