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alumcan300dhd@????.com VIRUS !!!!!!

From: alumcan
Remote Name:
Date: January 09, 2003
Time: 04:44:59


WARNING!!!! To those on this site who receive E-mails frome me, BE CAREFULL! Don't be like me and just look at the first part of the address, and think, "oh there's so and so writing to me" There is an 'alumcan300dhd@????.com' address out there that is passing virus!!!!! I've been in the hospital the past couple of days volunteering in a sleep study to make $50. So I can have gas money to go out, buy a car, bring it back, sell the front clip to pay for the car, trip, and have a 'free' airbag tilt coloum, and a disc brake rear end. Anyway, I'm checking several pages of accumulated letters, Half which are jokes, (I'm on a world wide joke list. I know every address that is on my list) when a letter addressed by 'me' is sent to 'me' catches my eye. I'm thinking, nuts, I probably was in the the allready sent letter section, typed out a letter and instead of going through a routine to the addresse, I mistakenly hit the 'send' button and sent the letter to myself. So I opend it to find out who it was that I was sending the letter to, so I could asddress it correctly. The damn thing had a VIRUS! Luckly the Norton thingie killed it, but before I could actually see what was goin' on, my wife shut down the computer saying that the 'alumcan' address wasn't mine! I had just enough time before the screen went blank to see that there wasn't an "AOL" after my name, it was a four or five digit word, then .com. So there's some asshole with my name runnin' around spreading virus! If any of you get a letter seemingly addresed by 'me' check it out! My address is AOL.COM! NOT something else! Also I had letters from two poeple who had done the same thing I did, not read the entire address, opend mail thingking it was from me, and it contained a virus! Einstine, yer the computer expert. Can two differnt poeple have the same computer address? Lee, I'm 'doged tired from this sleep thing I was in. I'll respond to your comments tomorrow, which by the way, was NOT what I was meaning!


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