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More on the P-31 engine

From: Loren
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Date: January 09, 2003
Time: 14:42:33


Thanks for the quick replies gang, I haven't bought the engine yet (Fred wants $200 like it sits and said he drove it into the yard last year-looks clean down the intake runners) but before I do a couple more observations and questions. First, per 61 Motor Manual, 277/301 have same stroke and 301/318 have same bore SO to my feeble mind that indicates that the 277/301 share the crankshaft (machinist says my 277 crank will polish!) and the 301/318 share the block (as I said, my 277 block is cracked.) Logical? True? Second, how about piston availability on the 1-year-only Ply 301? (Kanter catalog says "limited availability" and relatively high $$. I haven't asked the machinist yet.) Any recomendations as to whether I should keep hunting for a 318 or go ahead and grab the 301? The car is going to be a driver so I don't really care about # matching (thanks for the idea Hank but I just hate the idea of starting what I expect to be a 8-10K$ project w/ a welded block ya' know) It'll look stock and pass casual inspections as long as I stay with a Ply poly right? Another note, one of the local junkies has a 56 Chry with a Poly 4bbl v-8/Powerflite, says Spitfire on the valve covers. Doesn't look the same as the 277 though (probably a 331? I didn't get the numbers) so I passed on it for $500 (or $1K for the whole car) should I look at it again?? Thanks again, Loren


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