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Re: Its not your fault ALUMCAN -

From: Tim
Remote Name:
Date: January 09, 2003
Time: 17:07:14


Its doing what the virus is designed for to piss everyone OFF! Best thing you have done is install an ANTI-VIRUS Program. The problem is some people don't have virus protection and the problem can still not infect your computer but affect you personaly if you know what I mean. The virus grabs your address from somebody elses unprotected address book. Then sends the virus to other people in that address book with yours or anyone elses address as the sender. ( an Alias ) Unless trapped by an Anti Virus program it will then keep spreading. I have received a few like this in the past were I have known the Alias address personally. and Its always a third peron's infected computer that sends the email. I hope I make sense. Best thing anyone can do, Especially in this day and age is get some Anti Virus program and keep it updated. You don't have to be continualy online for it to happen, It will arrive as an email, could be with an address you know and its to late. Your infected!


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