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From: Hank Dozier
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Date: January 12, 2003
Time: 11:38:43


Wow Can.....What a Dennis Miller rant! I agree some of us can be insensitive to others (hell, I'm the most Politically Incorrect person in my office sometimes), but most of us don't really mean to be, and I agree with a previous comment that "email insensitizes" information exchange because either we don't know how to express oursrlves, or the media has a way of removing it due to the typing difficulties (I am a hunt-and-peck type). Let us all get over this. I know both Lee and yourself, and I think both of you, if you met not knowing who each other was, would be over in the corner at a table talking Forwardlooks until the wives crowbarred you apart. Then you would both be in trouble with them. Peace to all. We have a common hobby!


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