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Re: Whewww!!!!

From: ForwardLook Frank
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Date: January 14, 2003
Time: 09:01:01


Hey All, Glad to see everyone's getting along. Nice to have things back to normal. Lee, I wish you the best on selling your Adventurer's and good luck with your project. Now as to Alumcan's statement about some young guys with the car of choice being a rice burner let me explain my side of why I like the Forward Look cars (I'm 23 by the way).My father took me to my first car show when I was about 10. It was a local show consisting of street rods, customs, and pure originals. I never seen old cars before but, it was love at first sight. I especially fell in love with the 50's cars. I liked the excess of chrome, the big windows, the V8's, and the fins (GOD I LOVE THOSE FINS!). I looked at all the cars, I seen a '58 Dodge it was pretty neat to me. Never seen one before and didn't know what the Mopar thing meant on the air cleaner but, it was cool. The owner on the other hand wasn't. He snapped at me for standing too close to his car (3 feet away with my hands behind my back just like dad said to do!), what a pr#!%. I started to get very upset and walked outside. Then, that's where I seen a '58 Imperial conv. Man, I thought, what's an Imperial? The owner seen me looking at it. He was a pretty big guy, more like a giant to a ten year old. He came over with a smile on his face and showed me all the ins and outs of the car. He also let me stick my head inside to peek at the dashboard. (Well, that saved my faith in Mopars). As the years went by, I kept going to the car shows and knew that someday I would have an old car of my own. My parents were getting divorced when I was about 14 (1994). My father was moving out and with the divorce, he had to get rid of some assets so mom wouldn't get them. He asked me one day, "If I were to buy you a car, what would you want? A new car (used), or an old car that you could fix up?" In less than split-second I replied, "An old car!". He then told me he had to get rid of some $ and that I should start looking for a car. He knew that I was interested in 50's cars and he knew that's all I would settle for. Well, I looked at '57 Chevy's and found they were too expensive. Then I ran across a '56 Buick Special, too much for what it was. Then one day, a friend of my fathers who's a hard core Mopar man gave my father an ad he saw in the paper............'59 Plymouth Fury 4dr sedan red/white $2300. The only "Fury" I ever seen was the '58 Belv. in the movie Christine. I decided that I wanted that car. We drove down to see it and it was love at first sight. I had spotted the car even before we turned the corner and jumped out of the truck before my dad even hit the brakes and put it in park. We looked it over, the owner told me to start her up. She fired to life with a mellow tone and he said, "her names Christine" (my father must have told the guy to say that to me). It turned out he bought it for his son and he wanted a Christine so, his father got the car painted red/white and installed a red/white aftermarket interior. The car didn't look bad except for the pop rivets (!) in the trim (which I had to replace 75% of ) and the holes in the dash for the sons aftermarket radio (which I also fixed). My father bought it for me, we parked it in the yard and then, my father had to move out. Years later, I'm still struggling to finish the car but I'd rather have that then a rice burner. The forward look cars have style, power, class, luxury, and just about any thing else you could want in a car. I prefer the sound of a deep rumbling exhaust instead of hearing something that sounds like my blender when it revs up. I hate those hornets nest mufflers. When I hear them, I look around for a dirt bike only to see a jelly bean civic next to me. Besides, I hate being "trendy". How many 23 year olds do you know with a '59 Fury? I've talked with several of those rice rocket owners and they seem to like the old cars but don't have the patience to build one. Most of them are just too lazy. They'd rather order the part out of some internet store than try to make, restore, or design the part that they need. They also say that they don't like searching for parts. I happen to like the thrill of the hunt in finding the one part you've been searching for over eight years for. You just have to accept the fact that the majority of my generation is lazy and won't amount to anything (I know I accept it, have you looked at some folks my age?)Well gotta run. Take Care.-Frank


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