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Re: Afterthought (kind of like afterbirth but less slimy)

From: casey
Remote Name:
Date: January 19, 2003
Time: 21:54:04


that 2 doubling the size of the jet sounds good, but that would be a big jet. i had some of these carter parts when i was setting up my 440 dual quad. i made this cheat sheet if you will with the info i got. your numbers don't match mine to the t. for instance i know for a fact that part#120-383 is a .083. i have a edelbrock book that is easyer to use. tell me the dimensions of what you got now and what you want now. maybe i can help you get where you wana be. i'm a pretty good tuner, but i usally have the car in front of me. let me know if i can help. also you want to tune the primary first and then worry about what happens wide open.


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