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Re: Transmissions to fit Hemi

From: alumcan
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Date: January 20, 2003
Time: 00:02:26


Eric, they have adapters out there that you can bolt up just about any make and just as many gears as you want transmissions to the early Hemis. Anywthing form an old 4-speed Hydromatic up to a 6-speed manual, and any transmission in between. 'bout the only MoPar auto transmission that will work behind the Early Hemis is the 'A' block 727. 273 up to 360. With 318 being the most popular. The A 904 transmission has starter clearance problems with early Hemis. "Einstine" or Hank Dozier, can give you almost a step-by-step by hooking up the OM FwdLk pushbuttons to the later A-727


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