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Re: Whewww!!!!

From: Talonstorm
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Date: January 20, 2003
Time: 15:44:47


What? Not all 18, 19, and so on year olds are into the sport compact scene. I am only 27, am I "old enough" to enjoy forward look cars? I hope so, just got my first one ('58 Dodge Coronet) about 5 months ago and have started work on it already. Is it another hit against me because I am also a woman, are women "allowed" to enjoy forward look cars? How about the fact that I have a Neon as a daily driver and I drag race it on some weekends during the summer (won 2 trophies at Mopar Atlantic Nationals this past year, in fact), does that put me into the class of all those young-ins into sport compacts, who you wonder why they are interested? Just some thoughts, why ask why? I have always loved Mopars, and I can't take my eyes off a good pair of fins, lol. Isn't that enough? Tina


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