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Re: I sold my Charger recently

From: Dana
Remote Name:
Date: January 21, 2003
Time: 14:31:46


Dave's got it pretty much down-pat. I've only sold one vehicle on e-Bay, but I have a buddy that wheels and deals on e-Bay (can't count the number of vehicles he's sold!). His key is a good, no matter how long it is, description. No surprises to the buyer when they get it. As Dave mentioned, sometimes this makes your vehicle sound worse than it is, so don't forget to cover the good stuff as well. My friend writes up pages of stuff for the descriptions, and photos! People like to look! If you pay for image event or one of the other posting sites, you can send folks there to look at 50+ photos if you want. I've heard horror stories about e-Bay, so do be cautious, but it should work out well for you. GOOD LUCK!! Dana


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