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Here's what I've learned about '56-'57 auto trannies.....

From: Tim
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Date: January 22, 2003
Time: 18:06:29


For the past 3 months, i have been working on my project to fit a 3-speed into my desoto, and ditch the powerflite. Since then, i have learned a hell of a lot about these transmissions and their compatibilty/interchange. Many of you may already know some of this, but here goes anyway.... A '56 torqueflite is a direct bolt-in swap for a '57 powerflite. I assume that 56-58 torqueflites/powerflites will also interchange. The '56 TF bolted up to the bellhousing and torque converter off my powerflite. The e-brake drum assembly had to be swapped on the 2 trannies. Here's the kicker, and what is keeping my car from being on the road right now: The hole where the shift cable goes into the tranny is different on a '56 and '57 torqueflite. That is, the metal end on the OUTER casing of the '57 TF cable is too small in diameter for the hole that it fits into on the tranny. It's like putting a bolt into a nut that is way to big. The tranny fluid would just spill out around the cable. So, the '56 and '57 TF trannies are different in that respect. Also, the '57 powerflite and torqueflites have different holes, so nobody try to use a 2-speed cable in a torqueflite. (From my experience anyway) I have this brand new $250 shift cable for a '57 TF which i can't use, since it is too small. (remeber i'm not talking about the tip of the steel cable that clips inside the trans, i mean the end of the cable's outer CASING) My only idea is to make some type of collar to fit around the end of the casing to take up the extra sapce. If someone knows what I'm talking about, has a '56 shift cable, or has a better idea, let me know. I doubt i will find the '56 TF cable since it was only used in a few imperials and 300-B's, as far as i know. Maybe someone has a '56 3-speed they could take a pic of where the cable goes in, or give me some ideas perhaps. Any help is greaty appreciated, and I will try to answer questions someone might have regarding the tranny swaps, cables, etc. Sooner i nick this probelm, sooner my desoto is back on the road. Thanks!


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