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1957 Dodge engine

From: Richard Shuntich
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Date: January 23, 2003
Time: 16:57:56


Can anyone help me with determining an engine size/type for a 57 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer. I am currently selling this car on eBay and I am in Kentucky and the car is in Missouri. I had a friend look for the number on the engine and he scraped and scraped in this cold wheather but couldn't find anything. The engine has valve covers that have "Super Red Ram" on them. It Has a two bl. carb. I bought the car from a guy near Calgary, Alberta, CA. The orginal owner (I believe) had the car in B. C., CA but I think the car was made in the US. It seems that it is a 325 poly but a Canadian mechanic checked out a number he found on the engine before I brought it to the US and said that it was a 350 cid. But they weren't produced until 1958, correct? Any help would be much appreciated as I want to give potential bidders complete and accurate information. (and soon) Thanks in advance. Richard


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