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Re: 413 in a '57 Plymouth? Need help tonight!!

From: Diggerdave
Remote Name:
Date: January 27, 2003
Time: 15:40:21


I did this 413 to 1957 Plymouth in 1969. I believe my 413 was from a 1959 Imperial. The original engine in the Plymouth was a 301, then 318 Poly-head with an air cooled (I think) cast iron transmission. I originally converted to a 361 B-block donated from a 1960 Dodge Matador and then a bit later inserted the 413. I also used the Matador's transmission due to the bell housing bolt pattern differences. Had no problem with the push button shift mechanism. I had to weld up different motor mount positions on the cross member, as the B-block was not a direct bolt in. I cannot remember if I swapped the radiator from the Dodge, but somehow I had to deal with the transmission cooling lines going to the radiator for cooling, as the former trans was not radiator cooled. Today, a simple trans cooler would handle this chore. Rear trans support matched up too. I do remember the fan blades hit the upper water hose and had to be trimmed. Possibly positioning the motor mounts lower would have taken care of this. Carb to hood clearance was not a problem. I did not have to change the drive line, so the trannys must have been similar in length. The tranny mounted e-brake was a direct connect as well. There was a problem with the pinion angle, possibly due to the engine being slightly raised, because it was hard on u-joints. This was before I knew about adjusting pinion angle. I used to break springs all the time until I finally combined two sets from the junk yard to make a seven leaf spring. This fixed the breakage problem and made for a much stiffer ride. I had remarkable success doing this just out of high school, given the problems I could have unknowingly come up against. Sure like to find that car again. This might be too late, but hope it might help.


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