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Re: LA 318 into 55 Desoto

From: Rodger
Remote Name:
Date: February 03, 2003
Time: 14:54:15


KC; I do not have any inforamation on the motor mounts. I will say that a LA 318 sounds like a good fit. The engine is lighter than De Soto's 290 and produces more power. If you find a junk yard truck style air cleaner housing it will give the engine bay the period look. The other junk yard item is the exhaust manifolds from a '74 Ram Charger with a 360. These manifolds have the older smooth finish with a large diam header pipe fitting. (These manifolds were issued in other 360 cubed vehicles. Its just that I know the '74 360 trk had this.) They also dump in the same location as the De Soto's exhaust. Are you going to keep it a 2 bbl? Do you have a cluth fan or the power robbing direct drive. Rodger


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